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Law of Attraction

By: Alton Pitre

July 16, 2014

Think positive.

On March 7, I went to at a Lakers game at the Staples Center. During halftime as I was walking to the restroom, I saw a stand that appeared to be giving away Laker hoodies. I wanted one so I went over to the table and asked, “what’s going on?” Turned out, they were free but with the purchase of subscribing to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ); $12 for 12 weeks. I desired the Laker gear so much that I went ahead and paid the $12. I thought to myself, why not? I’m a journalist, reading the WSJ will only benefit my writing. The hoody was purple with “The Wall Street Journal” printed on to the back. I wore the hoody frequently and the words “The Wall Street Journal” always appealed to me.

Now pause, fast forward…

Exactly one month later on April 7, I performed a poem I wrote inspired by the phrase and book title “Orange is the New Black” at an InsideOut Writers (IOW) fundraiser featuring its author Piper Kerman. In that poem, a few lines read:

“I was labeled a terrorist as if it was I who bombed each tower
Don’t make me president
Kuz I’ll free every inmate all the war from Rikers Island
To the Los Angeles County Jail’s west and east towers…”

Fast forward again to the month of June…

Last month I went on a trip to New York with fellow members of the Anti-Recidivism Coalition (ARC). This is where the Law of Attraction comes into play.

During that trip, I visited both Rikers Island Correctional Facility and the world famous Wall Street. I was not able to free every inmate detained as wished but I was able to speak and share my story with many of the youth there.

Next came Wall Street. Not only did I visit Wall Street as a tourist but I received the fortunate opportunity of meeting a billionaire by the name of Lynn Tilton. Not only was I able to meet her but to engage in a hour long conversation with her and my group.


I didn’t detect this observation until I returned home in Los Angeles.

Its crazy because what I wished and repeatedly captured my attention, I heavily experienced. Not years later but months later. This is why it is very important you be careful what you think and speak, whether negative or positive because there is a great chance that it can and possibly will happen, maybe sooner than you expect.


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