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Police Still Getting Away With Murder

By: ALTON PITRE | October 15, 2014 The murder of blacks by white police officers seems to be the norm these days in the United States. These assassinations are an epidemic spreading throughout the black community, with the “cure” coming from the same criminal justice system that will incarcerate a black person for “looking suspicious” … Continue reading

My Trip to Rikers Island and Speaking to Youth
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My Trip to Rikers Island and Speaking to Youth

Op-Ed: Our Words Break Down ‘Stern Disinterest’ of Incarcerated Youth By: Alton Pitre This summer I had the chance to visit Rikers Island in New York along with 15 other members of the Anti-Recidivism Coalition (ARC). The trip was fortunate because a divine intervention occurred. What was supposed to have been just a tour quickly … Continue reading